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Heartland Outlet Logo

Heartland Outlet, the official retailer of good deeds

A Discount Store on a Mission


Because of the work of Heartland and Heart approximately 2,000 families in need receive goods each year. We also help vulnerable populations, those facing daunting life challenges, and whose lives have been changed by natural disasters. We have HEART, and so will you when you walk through our doors.

Contact HEART at

Heartland Outlet is on a mission to uplift communities and give back.

Come on in. We have more in-store.

Heartland Outlet boasts over 29,000 square feet of in-store warehouse space. We have a great selection online, but we have much much more in-store with constantly changing inventory.

Items you'll find in-store and not online:

Toilet Paper and Paper Towel

Pantry items like cereal, condiments, and canned food

Dog and cat food and supplies

Pots & Pans and small appliances like waffle makers and mini-fridges

Canned energy drinks, protein shakes, and sparkling water

Lamps and mirrors

Decorative plants


Heartland Outlet is the funding mechanism for HEART Ministries. Because of all of our efforts, approximately 2000 families in need receive goods each year. We are also run by 99% volunteers, every week dozens of HEART volunteers pickup, inventory organize, and prepare shipments for our local and global communities. By volunteering, you get a 15% off discount on items at the outlet.

By shopping at the outlet and by serving at the outlet, you are helping to make a difference! Thank you for your support.




Tuesday & Thursday:12pm - 7pm

Friday & Saturday: 9am - 12pm

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